My Story

Sport is my passion
…and my main power source.

Hello world,

I am Fatma Kükmen!

I` was born in 1987 and I currently live in Switzerland, Basel.

However, I am a proud traditional turkish woman.

My main profession is an elementary school teacher.

So, now your are probably wondering… how does the two relate to each other.

Surprisingly, a lot and believe me, I could write a novel about it.

For many it sounds like a change of profession, for me it’s a constant development.

I will never give up this part of my life.

Well-brought-up and educated children are the key to a better world and future.

Which makes it easy for me to coach my students with all of my heart.

Or are they coaching me?

Sports has always been my passion.

While, most girls played with dolls, I won triple competitions against my friends and spent my time on the streets playing mainly soccer or volleyball.

I have years of experience with intensive sports.

I played volleyball for 16 years in the 1st Division and National B Team.

In the mix of playing volleyball I also did fitness.

…until, I had a bitter sweet moment, due to a knee injury. I realized that it is better for me to do my passion in sports alone.

It was hard to fight alone, but my life changed for the best.

In 2012 I started with boxing, kickboxing and thai boxing.

My journey increased, my workouts started at home and outside. I quickly realized I needed more, more weights, more equipments and more desire.

In 2017 my world shifted.

This desire opened the door to Crossfit.

While, doing Crossfit and practicing with others, I realized that I am very fast and I became stronger,and my self- confidence boosted.

What should I say about boxing?

I love it and I can´t imagine a life without boxing.

I have endured pain, from a bloody nose, and a nice black eye.

Which is part of the daily routine of this sport, just like open hands are  part of Crossfit.

So, in short, sports and fitness are the priority in my life.

After 10 years of experience with the intestinal disease “Colitis Ulcerosa” I started to deal intensively with nutrition. Suddenly realized how important nutrition is in my life, going along with sports.

I have been struggling with my disease for a long time and accepted that I had to do something about it to maintain the quality of my life.

With the support of my doctor in Turkey, I turned my life around.

The change of diet and sports saved my life.

I learned to deal with my illness and to get it under control.

Without reconigizing it, my attention gravitated more and more into the depths of nutrition and sports. I started to train and educate myself.

Now, I am here to support YOUR health, to increase your quality of life, to find your well-being, to strengthen your self-confidence and to reach your goals.


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Sports Nutritionist (CAS)

Health & Life Trainer & Coach (CTAS)

Systemic Coach & Advisor (CTAS)

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CFL1)

Crossfit Kids Trainer (CFKids)

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer (CFGymnastics)

Student of Nutritional Science (Bachelor of Sciences)

Legal Warning

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