3 ways how you get fit

It wouldn’t be easy,

But I promise you it will be WORTH it!

On one side you have your dreams, thanks to which you feel warm around your heart.

On the other side you have your fears, the negative thoughts, the doubts.

What is important,which side do you want to live?

Actually, its a fight with yourself!

You fight for your better self!

But I promise you, if you go through with it, you can only win!

It`s not just a beautiful body!


Your physical and mental health will improve.

You digestion will improve,

Your skin will be more beautiful,

Your hair will shine,

You’ll laugh more,

Make yourself feel better,

Trust yourself more..

…and and and.


How many mondays have you started?

How many times have you felt alone?

If it`s so, believe me;

You are not alone!

We will go this way together.

You and I!

Step by step we will walk towards your goals.

You`ll want to give up,

You’ll doubt yourself.

But here is,where you have to stay strong!

This is the point you have to overcome.

The point that strengthens you!

For years you’ve been stuffing a ton of garbage in your mouth and in that moment you think it makes you happy.

Yes, it makes you happy!

But only for the moment!

Unhealthy food not only makes your body sick, but also has a negative influence on your mood.

The need for sugar or constant hunger attacks only arise to ways:

1.Either through longer periods of hunger or not enough food consumption


2.Your mind can’t handle any stress and you begin to turn to comfort eating.

At this time your awareness of understanding your body and your thoughts is very important.

What does my mind need?

What does my body really need?

Let`s face it:

What has the unhealthy eating habits have done for you so far?

I can tell you,NOTHING!

Now, is the right time to CHANGE all this!

What does it take to get your dream body?

What does it take to get more fit?

What does it take to live more healthy?

I will explain to you step by step how we will reach your goal.


Routinely is the key!

The training shouldn’t be a burden or hassle for you.

However it should become a part of your life and brings you fulfillment.

This is why its very important that you make sure your enjoying your training.

Find a sport, that is fun for you.

You don`t have to spend hours in the gym every day,

One hour intensive, good structured training can have a major effect.

Naturally you have a little body fat, that needs to be reduce in certain areas.

Therefore, training is the most important.

Losing weight without training is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

If you loose body fat without proper training, you risk having saggy skin.

You wouldn’t like your body image.

Training is also important because you should maintain muscle while loosing body fat.

If you decrease in muscle lost, your calori count will drop and will feel weaker.

So the more muscle mass you gain, the more healthy calories you can eat.

You shouldn’t focus on the numbers on the scale. No!

Rather focus on how your feeling and body image!

Because muscle gains is also weight.

Don`t spend to much time in the gym feeling confused.

However, have a training plan that will take you further and make you fitter from day to day.

Therefor your motivation will increase and you will feel the positiv effect on your body and mind.

In order to have a successful training concentrate on the technique instead of the weight.

If the technique is correct, then you can slowly increase the weight.

Fast and heavy is not always right.

Remember, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

What you do, do it for yourself!

Don’t feel embarrassed to work out!

Are you insecure?

If so, ask someone.

If you are woking out at the gym?

Then I recommend that you structure your training.

Each training should always starts with a WARM UP for 10 to 15 minutes.

You need time for your muscles to warm up.

The next part is the major part.

You design the workout according to your goal.

It can include muscles building and strength training.

Finally, I recommend that you increase your heart rate and push yourself to your limits with a short HIIT workout. These HIIT workouts support the fat burning process in a positiv way.

Last but not least…

Which is the most important thing for me and makes the whole thing sustainable:

Train especially to become healthy and strong.

Train to keep your body fit over longer years!


How do you have to eat?

Basically many people know what is good and what is bad for the body.

The problem is to change the behavior and go through with it!

You want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, it is important that you are in a deficit.

This means that you consume fewer calories than your body needs daily.

If the deficit is too high, it’s possible to lose weight quickly, but unfortunately it’s mainly muscle, that is lost and you will feel saggy.

The decrease of muscle, will make you weaker and causes a negative effect on your mood.

It will also be difficult for your body and mind to stay in this deficit for a long term, which can lead to hunger attacks and people will experience a Yo-Yo Effect.

I can guarantee you that your transition will not be sustainable.

For this reason it’s important that your deficit isn’t too big.

Our goal is to burn fat and not lose muscle.

You have to remember one thing: You can’t get to your dream body if you’re hungry.

A calorie deficit alone is not enough.

What is important is a balanced diet, that means the correct distribution of macro nutritions.

These include the carbs, protein and healthy fats.

Because I can also produce the number of calories by eating only carbs.

But doing it this way,I will not give my body what it needs for losing weight.

This is the reason, why I don’t recommend counting calories.

The distribution of the macronutrients is crucial.

What I do recommend for loosing weight is that you work with a nutrition coach or a dietitian and maintain your weight over a long term.

The easiest way is to start tracking your foods.

I use the MyFitnessPal App.

You can find the link posted in the description.

Therefore you can work more goal oriented, you will reach your goal faster, your eyes will get use to the portion sizes unconsciously, you will understand foods and learn a lot more.

You don`t need any special diets.

Eat balanced!

That means take:

  • enough protein to protect your muscles
  • eat healthy fats for the hormone balance and all other functions in the body
  • eat healthy and complex carbs, so that you have enough energy in training or in everyday life

Another key point is the quality of your foods

Eat high quality foods.

Eat unprocessed foods;

Foods that consist of one ingredient;

Like vegetables, eggs, fish…

Your food should be NATURAL!

Because the body can work better with natural nutrients.

Eat healthy foods with nutritients, such as vegetables, fruits and greens…. Eat healthy foods with nutritients, such as vegetables, fruits and greens….

For example, cookies and crackers are also carbs but they don’t contain any nutrient.

On the contrary these foods will create water retention in your body, and cause the opposite effect and you will feel weaker physically and mentally.

Drinking water is equally important as nutrition. This is one of the main ways to flash out the fat from your body.


Nobody wants to be fit just over the summer time and then, fall back into the old pattern.

To make it sustainable, you need to change your lifestyle.

  1. First of all sleep is important. As you know, we need about 7-8 hours of sleep.

However, but the quality of your sleep is more important. Make sure that you arrange your bed room in such a way that it’s possible to sleep well.

  • Put your phone aside 1-2 hours before you go to sleep or try not to watch TV just before set bedtime.
  • If something it bothering you a lot? Then write down your thoughts and feelings so that they don’t stress you in your sleep.
  • In your sleep, your organs renew itself and we burn fat. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate this point.

2. Move!

  • Not only in training, but also during the day it’s important that you move. Do you have a step tracker? Then set goals for yourself? Walk or cycle to the office. Create opportunities to move.
  • Let training be a part of your life. Find something that is diverse and fun to do.

3. Take time to cook! Cook yourself delicious, healthy and colorful foods.

Create a nice plate. I always tell my clients: The food is a huge palette of colors. You are the artist. Design your own artwork with it:

It takes timeout…

Remember, you are doing it for yourself.

You are important.

You are worth it!

If you need help losing or gaining weight, I will be happy to support you on your lifestyle change.

I`m just an email away from you.


Do not wait any longer!

Do not start on Monday!

Start NOW!

You are not alone!

You and me,

We can do it!

Have faith in yourself!

You can do it!

You are fabulous.

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