3 ways how you get fit

It wouldn’t be easy, But I promise you it will be WORTH it! On one side you have your dreams, thanks to which you feel warm around your heart. On the other side you have your fears, the negative thoughts, the doubts. What is important,which side do you want to live? Actually, its a fight […]

a better version of YOURSELF

A better version of YOURSELF Hello everybody Today I would like to talk about a popular on going topic, body image! The summer is just around the corner and I know that this topic bugs you more and more. Here and there a pair of fat packs, the number on the scale, the pants pressing […]

Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition is a big term and overtaxes many people. That´s why eating healthy is confusing for most individuals. Your mind might often wonder…: What is healthy, what is unhealthy? How MUCH should I eat? How OFTEN should I eat? How should I schedule my eating? How do I meal prep? This is, why you need […]

First-hand Advice

Are you concerned with questions like; How do I plan my training or how should I train?What do I eat before, during or after training?Do I train with an empty stomach or with a full stomach?How can I prepare my meals?What should I eat in a restaurant or special event during a “diet phase’’? If […]

Mental Support

Man is too strict with himself. This has always been the case and will not change. Due to the forever, increasing expectations of our society. We have the feeling that we have to function constantly. If we cannot achieve what is expected, we take this as a weakness or start to doubt ourselves. This situation […]

Workout Routine

The training is a requirement to reach your goal. However, the constant rushing at work, the remaining responsibilities are the reason why you don’t find the strength, motivation or time for it. Do you find it difficult to plan the training into your daily life? Maybe you just need a jolt or advice because you […]

Legal Warning

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