a better version of YOURSELF

A better version of YOURSELF

Hello everybody

Today I would like to talk about a popular on going topic, body image!

The summer is just around the corner and I know that this topic bugs you more and more.

Here and there a pair of fat packs, the number on the scale, the pants pressing against your stomach, the heavy and bad feeling that bothers you or feeling like, you are too thin, having saggy skin or wanting the perfect body form……

…The list goes on!

That’s exactly why I want to share my thoughts, my experience and my knowledge with you, today.

I want to tell you that you are not alone!

Many people, except for those who are born naturally small, feel the same.

I also have moments, I also have phases when I don’t like my body.

And this is normal!

For example I’m in this phase, now.

I had a knee operation in winter.

Despite the operation I tried to train around it, training my stomach and upper body.

Nevertheless the painful phase began and the moment started, where the everyday life sucked all the energy out of me, because I was in this battle without support.

So I barely trained for almost 3 months.

On the scale I gained 1-2 kg more, but I lost a lot of muscle and that had a bad effect on my body.

My body didn`t look the same.

Well, that’s a part of an injury and you have to accept it.

Now, I know that I have to start from zero to get fitter and that would be challenging.

But I also know, that I definitely will be better than before.

I love new beginnings.


The most important point before you decide to change something about yourself or do anything at all is that you do it because YOU want to do it, because it is a wish for yourself.

We all know how easily we are sometimes influenced by our environment or the outside pressures from the world. Even if we have the feeling, that it isn`t important to us what peoples think about us, it affects our subconscious.

Try not to lose weight because your friend thinks, you are fat.

Don’t try to lose weight because of the trending skinny women on social media.

External motivations are good and important, but not significant.

You can only be successful in the long run if your inner ME really wants a change,

if you do what you do for YOURSELF.

Therefore, start only if YOU really WANT it,

Because the WILL is only the half way mark and only it will lead you to success.


„I can’t make it. I can`t do it! You’re good, I’m bad!”

Explain to me, why you can’t make it?

What qualifies the next person to be better than you?

What do the others have that you don’t have?

The truth is, these negative thoughts are the limits you set for yourself.

Stop it!

No one is better than you!

Maybe they’re a few steps ahead of you, but they also started from zero. At some point, they were like you.

And as long as you doubting yourself and wasting your time just dreaming, you will never be successful. You will never learn to fly if you don’t try it.

As long as you are determined, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Do you have a hard life that puts stones in your way?

Please tell me, who hasn’t?

There will always be stones, your entire life.

But they’re there to overcome

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You can achieve it as long as you really want it.

Have faith in yourself.

Believe in yourself, manifest in the power that is hidden inside of you.


It’s important for me that you know that not everyone needs to have a model figure.

No way!

Important is that you have a fat mass within a healthy range.

That means, too much fat on your body, in addition to, too much fat on your organs.

All the fat that we see on our body, is a reflection of our organs and this has a negative effect on our health.

Also it is unhealthy not to have enough fat.

The body needs fat.

Your body needs also muscles to be strong, strong enough for to coupe the everyday life.

Strong enough to safe your organs.

Please give your focus firstly on your HEALTH!


I know that most people have a dream body and this is ok.

But there is one thing I prefer you not to do.

Stop dreaming other peoples body.

This will put you under a huge amount stress and you will probably be disappointed.

Because it isn’t possible to look exactly like others.

You are YOU!

You have your own body composition, personal traits and we all come from different backgrounds.

Naturally some of us will have certain diseases and disabilities.

Firstly you have to accept this.

You have to love who you are!

And then you have to do THE BEST with your body.

Your goal can`t be someone else body,

Your goal has to be to create a better version of YOUR BODY, a better YOURSELF!

Thankfully this step will lead you to success.


The same mindset applies to nutrition.

Just because person A has been able to lose fat with this type of food intake or diet, that doesn’t mean that this information is correct for you.

Your calorie content or your macro needs depend on many things, such as…



-metabolism speed




-body composition


-health status

-your job

…and more other things.

Therefore, please stop trying diets listed from internet or the newest trends.

Maybe you will lose weight, but believe me, you will gain weight again.

And stop starving. You can’t lose weight from starving.

I can guarantee you, that you will lose muscle, get weaker, but look the same

If you really want to create your better self, then you must first learn to accept and love your past, genetics and who you are becoming. Only then you can reach your goal.

Exercising and eating a healthy and balanced diet shouldn`t be only for a certain period of time.

The key is a permanent change.

How to do that?

I will explain it in my blog „3 Ways – How you get fitter.”


Look in the mirror,

Take a deep breath,

And repeat my words:

I am good,

I can,

I do,


Stay strong,

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